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Best Baby Registry Checklist for First-Time Parents

Our best baby registry checklist will help you save time and money while ensuring you have everything you need for your new arrival. Start your registry today. Congratulations! You’ve just discovered that you’re expecting a new addition to the family and are now well on your way to parenthood. It’s an exciting time but also involves much planning and preparation. As any mommy-to-be knows, when it comes to baby preparations, one of the most important tasks is creating your baby registry.

But what even is a baby registry? Is it essential? What should you put on it? In this article, I’ll show you the what, why, and how of creating the perfect baby registry. I’ve also created an ultimate baby registry checklist you can reference while creating your own. So let’s get started!

Best Baby Registry Checklist

What Is a Baby Registry and Why Is It Important?

Creating a baby registry is a major milestone for parents-to-be. It’s the ultimate way to prepare for the baby and ensure your nursery has all the essentials. It’s no exaggeration to say that having a well-organized baby registry is essential for new parents.

A baby registry is a catalog of items you anticipate needing when your new bundle of joy arrives. Depending on your needs and preferences, this can include everything from diapers and wipes to clothing and toys. You can create a wish list of items you want or need, then share them with family and friends looking to purchase gifts for your little one.

Having a registry can save new parents precious time, money, and energy by helping them get organized before the baby arrives. You’ll be able to see exactly what items you need in one place, so you won’t have to waste time searching multiple sites or stores to find what you need. Plus, some retailers even offer discounts or other promotions specifically for those who create a registry—which means you’ll often end up with extra savings, too!

When to Register for Baby?

The perfect time to register for your baby is a few months before your due date—this way. You’ll have plenty of time to research products and compile the items you need. You can always add things later, but having everything ahead of time gives you peace of mind, lessens stress, and will help make your transition into parenthood smoother.

To help get you started, here are some items to include on your baby registry checklist:

  • Nursery items: Cribs or bassinets, mattresses, and bedding, changing tables and dressers
  • Gear: Car seats, strollers, infant swings, and carriers
  • Clothing and shoes: Onesies, blankets and swaddles, socks and mittens
  • Diapering supplies: Cloth diapers or disposable diapers, wipes, and diaper cream
  • Feeding supplies: Nursing bras or bottles if not nursing, breast pumps if nursing
  • Bathing essentials: Baby bathtubs or seats, towels with hoods, and washcloths
  • Toys & books: Teethers or pacifiers (if desired), rattles & soft toys and books

Where to Register for Baby?

Now you know what to put on your registry, it’s time to decide where to register for baby. You’ll want to pick a few places that offer a wide selection of items, along with great customer service and return policy options.

Here are several popular places you can consider when making your baby registry:

  • Department Stores: Look for department stores offering cashback rewards when guests buy something from your registry.
  • Baby Supply Stores: These stores specialize in baby products and can provide expert advice on what to include on your list.
  • Online Registries: Online registries such as Amazon, Target, Babylist, and more have recently become popular due to their convenience and ability to add items from multiple stores onto one list. Plus, many offer exclusive discounts on items left untouched on the registry after the due date.
  • Local Stores: Small businesses often have unique products and friendly customer service. This can be especially helpful if you want specialized items or an in-store consultant to help guide your purchasing decisions.

No matter which stores you choose, it’s important to double-check their policies before creating a list there. That way, you can ensure their return policy works with the current stage of your pregnancy and the baby’s expected due date.

What Essentials to Register for Baby?

Now that you know what a baby registry is, what should you add? This can be overwhelming as many products are available—but don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of must-have registry items for you:

Nursery supplies

Planning a nursery is one of the most exciting and important parts of preparing for a baby. When creating your registry, include essential elements like a crib or bassinet, mattress and sheets, changing table and dresser, and some storage system or closet organizers. Don’t forget to add adorable decorations like wall art and mobile, too!

Feeding supplies

The next must-have items on your list should include all the gear you need to feed your little one. This includes basics such as bottles, nipples, burp cloths, pacifiers, formula, and breast pumps if needed. You may also want to include high chairs or bouncers for baby’s mealtimes.

Bath time essentials

When bath time comes around, you will need hooded towels, washcloths, baby shampoo, baby soap, and lotion. Of course, you will also need a baby bathtub too! Additionally, you may want to register for some extras, such as bubble makers or waterproof mats, for extra fun in the tub!

With these items on your registry checklist, there’s no doubt that you’re ready for your new arrival!

Personalized Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Personalized items make great additions to your baby registry and are a special way to celebrate your little one! Whether it’s a monogrammed onesie or personalized jewelry, you can create beautiful items that will be cherished for years.

Here are some great personalized options for your baby registry:

  • Customized nursery art – One of the best ways to customize your nursery is with personalized art. You can get custom prints with your baby’s name, monograms, and birthdate.
  • Monogrammed onesies – Nothing says ‘adorable’ like a monogrammed outfit. Choose from different colors, fonts, and graphics to add the perfect personalized touch to your little one’s wardrobe.
  • Personalized jewelry – Jewelry is always a classic choice for personalized gifts. A necklace with your baby’s name or birthstone makes for a beautiful keepsake.
  • Customized mementos – You can also add customized items like framed artwork and photo frames to capture special moments in time for generations to come.

Adding these unique touches to your registry will make it even more meaningful and serve as treasured reminders of this special time in life!

What Mistakes to Avoid on Your Baby Registry

When creating your baby registry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. While it’s great to be able to choose from a huge variety of items and brands, there are some mistakes you should avoid making.

Don’t wait too long.

Make your registry as soon as possible — not just because it can be exciting to start picking out things but also because expectant parents often get bombarded with purchases closer to the due date. Try to compile everything as early as possible so you don’t miss out on any awesome items from friends looking for something special.

Don’t limit yourself too much.

You can narrow down the items on your registry if you want, but there’s no need to limit yourself too much. Leave room for people willing to splurge with an item or two outside your budget range. Don’t forget the items that might sound frivolous now but will eventually become indispensable—like a humidifier or an extra bassinet sheet (you’ll thank us later).

Don’t forget digital options.

It’s easy to focus solely on tangible items when making your registry — but don’t forget about digital options! Digital products like video baby monitors or ebooks can be just as useful, and digital gift cards are always appreciated by expecting parents who still need to fill in some of their baby checklist items after their bundle of joy arrives.

FAQ about Baby Registry Checklist

Some of the most common questions people have about baby registry checklist are:

When should I start my baby registry?

It’s a good idea to start your baby registry around the 12-16 week mark when you have a better idea of your due date and have had time to research the items you’ll need.

How many items should I put on my registry?

It’s up to you, but having various items at different prices is a good idea for your friends and family to have options. Aim for around 50-100 items.

What are some essential items to put on my registry?

Some essential items to include on your baby registry checklist are diapers, wipes, bottles, a breast pump, a car seat, a stroller, and a crib.

Should I register for clothes?

Yes, but remember that babies grow quickly, so registering for various sizes is a good idea.

How many diapers should I register for?

Registering for at least a few boxes of diapers in different sizes is a good idea, as you’ll go through many of them in the first few months.


Regarding your baby registry checklist, there are a few key points to remember. Firstly, remember to research the store policies and don’t be tempted to include too many items that are too costly or that you may not need. Make sure to add the top must-haves and some smaller items you may not have considered. Take your time researching products, comparing prices, and using the registry to ensure you get items you will use. Lastly, include items that will make your life easier and make your experience of getting ready for a baby more enjoyable. With your ultimate baby registry checklist, you’ll be well-prepared for your new bundle of joy.

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